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دوره آنالیز ارتعاشات سطح 1

در این دوره به مباحث کلی آنالیز ارتعاشات از جمله سیاست های تعمیراتی، عیب یابی در حوزه زمان، فرکانس، زاویه فاز، انواع سنسورها و روش های نصب، پردازش سیگنال و انواع موج ها، نحوه تنظیم آلارم های ارتعاشی و ... خواهیم پرداخت.                                                                                                                     

   سیلابس دوره سطح 1 به شرح ذیل میباشد

1. Seminar Overview
2. What is Vibration and How Can it be Used to Evaluate Machinery Condition?
  • What is Frequency and How Does it Relate to a Time Waveform?
  • What is Vibration Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration?
  • How to Convert From One Vibration Parameter to Another (in/sec to g, etc.)
  • What is Phase?
  • What is a Vibration Spectrum (Also Called an “FFT” or “Signature”)?
  • Effect on Frequency Accuracy of No. of FFT Lines
  • Difference Between RMS, Peak, and Peak-To-Peak Amplitude and its Significance
  • When to Use Displacement, Velocity, or Acceleration
  • How Much is Too Much Vibration?
3. Overview of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Typical Vibration Instruments
4. Overview of Various Vibration Transducers and Their Optimum Applications
5. Role of High Frequency Enveloping (HFE) and HFD in Detecting & Tracking Certain Faults
  • HFE includes the following (in alphabetical order):
    • Acceleration Enveloping
    • Amplitude Demodulation
    • PeakVue
    • Shock Pulse
    • Spike Energy
6. Introduction to Vibration Signature Analysis and How it is Used to Evaluate Machine Operating Condition
     Overview of 5-Page “Illustrated Vibration Diagnostic Chart”
  • Mass Unbalance
  • Eccentric Rotors
  • Bent Shaft
  • Misalignment
  • Mechanical Looseness, Improper Component Fit, and Soft Foot
  • Tracking of Rolling Element Bearing Health Using Vibration Signature Analysis
  • Belt Drive Problems
  • Electrical Problems in Motors
7. Proven Method for Specifying Spectral Band Alarm Levels and Frequencies Using Todays Predictive Maintenance Software Systems
8. Guidelines for Vibration Acceptance Testing for New and Rebuilt Machines
9. Operating Basics of Common Machines and Recommended Locations to Acquire Vibration Measurements
10. Actual Case Histories of Vibration Diagnostics on Various Machine Types

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