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دوره آموزش الاینمنت انواع محور ، کوپلینگ و تسمه پولی

همانطور که می دانید الاینمنت دقیق ماشین آلات موجب ارتعاشات کمتر در نتیجه افزایش طول عمر ماشین می گردد. در این دوره روش صحیح الاینمنت آموزش داده خواهد شد.                                                    

 سیلابس دوره به شرح ذیل می باشد
  • Introduction and overview
  • Review of shaft alignment fundamentals
    • Rotational centers
    • Offset and angular misalignment conditions
  • Pre-alignment procedures
    • Planning for alignment
    • Rough alignment
    • Precision alignment
  • Review of dial indicator alignment methods
    • Advantages, disadvantages, and sources of error:
      • Straight edge/thickness gauge methods
      • Rim-face dial indicator methods
      • Reverse dial methods
  • Laser alignment systems overview
    • Using valid set alignment measurements
    • Interpret measurements
    • Making adjustments
    • Using the move monitoring functions
  • Fundamental horizontal machine alignment processes
  • Setting up the laser system
    • Basic operation and major components
  • Measuring and entering the dimensions
    • Software programs and key features
  • Obtaining measurements
    • Alignment of machines with horizontal shafts
  • Interpreting results
  • Making moves
  • Alignment completion
  • Dealing with alignment challenges
  • Base-bound and bolt-bound conditions
    • General types of soft foot
    • Detect and correct soft foot conditions
  • Dynamic movement
    • Thermal growth and machine operation
  • Recommendations:
  • This course is appropriate for those maintenance, engineering, technical support, and management personnel whose job functions involve alignment of rotating machinery.
  • Students learn to set-up laser system components, obtain a valid set of alignment measurements, interpret measurements, and make adjustments using the move monitoring functions of the laser system.
  • General familiarity with using today’s Laser Alignment instruments is beneficial and a variety of such instruments will be demonstrated during interactive class exercises.
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